No, Achilles is a collection of international war poems from 64 poets living in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

    Over four years in the making, No, Achilles is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Against Agamemnon: War Poems, 2009.

    Both war poerty anthologies were edited by James Adams, who has edited more than six dozen volumes, treatises and professional papers. His first collection of poems, Noble Savage, was nominated for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize.

Editor/poet James Adams in Namibia

Photo by Jan Weiss

    Adams has worked professionally in various capacities both in the United States and abroad, being commended by the international Red Cross for work in foreign hospitals.

    He says of war poetry:

    “…some of the poems rend the heart, some explain what should never have to be explained, some bring one’s eyes to the ground.”

Featured Poets

Janet E. Aalfs
Glenda Barrett
Nina Bayer
Edward Beatty
Gary Beck
David Bolduc
Stella Brice
Ernie Brill
Randy Brown
Christopher Collins
Caleb Coy
Brian Daldorph
Michael Estabrook
Maureen T. Flannery
Susan Flynn
Bill Glose
Mary-Ann Greanier
John Grey
Carole Hall
Meri Harary
Mark E. Harden
Juliana Harris
Alamgir Hashmi
Terry Hertzler
Peter Huggins
Marilyn Johnston
Ken Jones
Pearl Karrer
Sonya Kassam
Eleanor Kedney
Lois Kerschen
Maria D. Laso
Ellen Litwack
Dan Logan
Mike Maggio
Milton M. Manyaas
Jeri McCormick
James McGrath
Mimi Moriarty
John Musgrave
Connie Mutua
Mukoma Wa Ngugi
David Olsen
Kenneth Parsons
Thomas D. Phillips
Richard Raugust
Ivanov Reyez
Sally Ridgway
Mike Scheidemann
Ndaba Sibanda
Sheryl Slocum
George Stevenson
Colette Tennant
Vincent J. Tomeo
Rodney Torreson
Steve Troyanovich
Jon Turner
William Upjohn
Christine Valentine
Thomas A. West, Jr
Gerald Wheeler
Neal Whitman
Daniel Williams
Anne H.Woodworth